Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Something to Blog About

Here a blog, there a blog, everywhere a blog, blog. 

It seems that everyone has something to say and the need to blog about it.  There are blogs I can't wait to read and others that just make me wonder, why?

For the last year, I have been writing posts and saving them to publish at a later date.  You know that day in the future, the one that will come when someone (who isn't related to me) is actually interested in what I have to say.  Until then, I continue to write, revise and blog. Wondering? Who will read it?  Why will they read it?

More research, more conversations with colleagues, more lectures about the importance of building a platform for my writing career, all the while searching for the answer... who will read it? 

The answer is simple, I have stories to tell.  The time has come to accept and validate this life that has chosen me.   I'm a writer and guess what?  Writers write and share their stories with...wait for it.... readers. 

This entry feels like and introduction, an interview or maybe a first date. I thought I would share a bit of my neurosis with you.  Yes, I'm a list girl, a planner, a coordinator and some (who will remain nameless) may add control freak.  I live my life with a direct line into my heart and soul.  My writing wasn't a choice it's a defining part of me, and has been a constant throughout my life.  Now, I consciously set out to write by combining my heart with truth, the kind of truth that I love reading.  Along with being a heartful type A, add a side of Dreamer, that's me.  Here's my first list to share with you.

Items to blog about in the future

1.  Moments that take your breath away
2.  A writer's life
3.  Funny, awkward, twisted takes on life
4.  Through my daughter's eyes
5.  Working to make this a better world
6.  Stuff, (including but not limited to) books, articles, converstaions, movies, music, art...
7.  Gossip, things I 'have' to induldge in
8.  Kidlit
9.  Adjectives... just because
10. Who knew.  Helpful things I pick up along the way

I plan to go where the wind blows, hopefully in an honest, truthful, passionate, funny, caring and inspiring way.  (See #9)

I hope, after reading my blog, you leave with one of my title's adjectives.

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