Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SCBWI Los Angeles, Conference


Welcome to our cathedral, our gathering place.  A place where like minded people come to practice the ancient ritual of circling around a fire to share stories.   Laurie Halse Anderson lit the flame and brought us together in her opening keynote .

Being part of this like minded, creative tribe becomes obvious from the start.  Respective moments ripple throughout the audience and collectively you feel your chest moving in unisom with the other 1,200 bodies in the room.  Best selling novelists, Caldecott winners, publishers, agents and first time attendees all share in this 'wonder'ful celebration.  We dedicate ourselves to children and the telling of their stories. 

The Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators nurtures us.  Established 42 years ago to advocate children's literature.  Their story is full of heart and the main characters draw you in, moving you toward publication.

artwork by David Diaz


Workshops are led by industry experts and come in every flavor, shape and size.  So if you're intersted in query, synopsis, voice, first page, humor, dummies, or digital there's a place for you to grow.

Favorite SCBWI moment (2011)
Henry Winkler, Lin Oliver, Steve Mooser
Judy Blume


Industry News

Like any business, it's important to know your industry.  SCBWI provides experts offering up to the moment information on the industry and marketplace.  We also learn, as writers and illustrators we must wear many hats.


Friends, Critique groups, Agents and Editors are met through this event.  The possibilities are really endless,  I have made great connections with all of the above.  It's great to have an editor tell you they love your work and please send me your entire manuscript, or and agent who wants to represent you.  Both of these are the obvious reasons to attend conferences and network.  To connect with the person who is looking for your story.

The tribe thanks you,

Thank you Lin Oliver and Steve Mooser for creating the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators.  Also, thank you to my regional advisor, Michelle Parker-Rock. 

If you're interested in writing or illustrating for children and are not part of this tribe, please join us.

SCBWI may not be the magic maker's of our stories, but it is perhaps the wand.

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