Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Show Don't Tell

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

A favorite deli at the Scottsdale Quarter serves Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.  I saw them in the display case and the feeling of home and my mom took over.  Before my diet or friends knew any better we were shaing one before our salads were even delivered.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Sometime in the 80's I'm pretty sure my mom invented chocolate chip cookie bars as a way to keep us from eating all the cookie dough before she had time to bake them.  That or to save on the amount of time she had to run the oven during the summer. 

My mom's Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are used in my current Work in Progess to demonstrate the feeling I felt while standing in line at that deli. 

***I'll understand if you think your mom invented Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars too.

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