Thursday, February 13, 2014

To be part of a Masterpiece

Life moves fast and I never manage to accomplish all of the tasks that are on my 'to do' lists.  Over the years I have become more proficient, thoughtful and skilled in the areas that I volunteer.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to share my time.

I'm involved with our elementary school's Art Masterpiece program.  Each year I look at the schedule and what's coming up for these sweet children,  I can barely stand it.

Water color with Vincent VanGogh

There is something to be said about introducing the Great Masters to children and teaching them about the art surrounding them.  Hearing them say, "I know that painting,"  or "We have that one at home,"  begins the connection to the artist, their life and the piece we are discussing.

First Grade Water Lillies
More than once I've started the class asking, "Is this Art?"  From calligraphy, architecture, printmaking to painting we find beauty.  The different media's range from pastels, watercolors, soap, ink and aluminum foil. 

Mistakes happen, and are sometimes important.  They can change the piece you're working on or they can teach you what not to do next time.
Winged Victory Sculptures (Batman Style)

African Masks

Doing Art with Kids is Awesome 

Tiny lights fill up the room.  Our art project correlates to the specific piece the children are learning, which leads to possibilites that come uninhibited at this age.  Watching, teaching, stretching and shaping these children fills me up.  If I were to have a drug of choice I would take this one.

Clothespin Kachina Dolls

We have created Sistine Chapel Pieces-Michelangelo style, Carved our own Wings of Victory from a bar of Ivory Soap, Print Making The Great Wave of Kanagawa, Twisting and Shaping aluminum foil into our own Thinkers and even created a blueprint to rival Frank Lloyd Wrights' Guggenheim.  What a journey and oh the possibilities!

Great Thinkers

This is my fifth year involved with Art Masterpiece at my daughters school.  While most of the kids in her grade affectionately know me as The Art Masterpiece lady, I suspect the memories will last a lifetime.

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