Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Creative Spaces in the Work Place

What goes into a creative space?  How do you decide what to surround yourself with while you work?  I love spending time looking and listening to what my colleagues have in their studios and writing areas.  I'm very rarely surprised when friends or favorite authors/illustrators post pictures of their creative spaces.  They always seem to match the person.  I love that.

Vision Boards, Daughter's Artwork and Odds & Ends

This is not the case with other professionals.  My husband for one, asked me to find artwork for his office featuring lighthouses or the ocean.  I found beautiful pieces, the kind you can hear the waves crashing into the rocks, but not at all what he was looking for.  Then he showed me exactly what he wanted.  The basic human resources poster that reads INITIATIVE, GROWTH,and SPIRIT followed by a less than poignant message.

My husband is not alone.  Having our taxes completed I couldn't help but look around the office at what this beautiful, young accountant selected to surround herself with all day.  Crooked pictures that were too small for the wall, too far away to tell what the subject was.  Diplomas displayed, Chamber of Commerce Certificates framed, and more of the same posters my husband has.
You've Got A Friend in Me

It hit me that creative people gain their inspiration from the world around us.  We need to tap into those feelings on days when the juices are not running freely.  Compared to my accountant who will be able to calculate, tabulate, compute and amortize on anyday with or without creativity.

Bits and Pieces of my life

Writers love paper stores, journals, books and you can bet we have our favorite pens that we prefer to use.  My husband thinks I'm nuts and reminds me of the drawer full of pens he has brought home from various seminars and conferences.  Yellow lined paper is what he supplies me with.  I'm thankful for freebies!  I have a business side to me and recognize good value. ( These savings affords me a trip to the bookstore or Papyrus.)

My space includes: great light, books, inspirartional art, candles, photos, essential oils, music, fun toys, and an endless-changing list of items that evoke emotions.

Books, Books, Books and more Books!
Bring on more Happiness!

I have an entire wall covered with dry erase boards.  This was brought about by demand.  Endless plotting with pages scattered across my floor wasn't the most convenient method.  Not to mention,  two furry assistants who like to lay, roll and scamper literally in the middle of my plotline.

To follow plot, subplots and to organize my chapters into a story.

My work space is not much different than the rest of my life.  I try to surround myself with beauty and inspiration.  The material items that I place in my studio or my home are second to what I hold most dear: my family and friends.  The experiences and memories that unfold each day I respect and give thanks to.  Without them, there are no Lorri's Stories to tell.

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